I have been in private practice since graduating from UCLA in 1983. As a therapist and psychologist, I have facilitated many support groups but I now work mainly with individuals.

My broad background in the treatment of mental health issues allows me to deal effectively with a wide range of conditions.

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  When you are faced with a highly stressful situation, you body reacts to the perceived threat with the "fight or flight" response. It either wants to stand and fight, or run for its life. Either way, adrenaline is released into your blood stream, and your heartbeat and respiration quicken.

Patricia Ziegler Psy.D. (PSY19102)

Los Angeles
Cedars-Sinai Medical Tower
685 W. Third Street
Suite 1065 West

Los Angeles, CA 90048

Drop the burden from your shoulders…
regain a sense of control and get your life moving again


Many people shy away from the idea of therapy. Not that they don't want to feel better but.they worry that the therapist won't understand them.or that their case is so complicated and overwhelming that the therapist won't be able to deal with them...or that they won't get the help they need and life will get worse instead of better.

Dr. Pat Ziegler understands. In over 25 years as a practicing psychotherapist (many of them at Cedars-Sinai), she's sure to have dealt with the issue you're facing.


When someone feels let down by life, can't sleep at night, worries all the time, panics easily in everyday situations, doesn't want to do anything, or feels that they're carrying a ton of bricks on their shoulders, often there's a deep sense of loss at the core. Obvious losses are like a losing a job, a marriage that ended, death of a parent. Less obvious losses are like a friend on drugs, health problems, moving to a new home. And loss hurts.

Dr. Pat helps you get to the root of what set off the pain you're feeling.

Her practiced eyes and gentle voice guide you through your healing process. No matter what comes up, she has a keen insight into the common psychological principles that underlie all problems. She listens to your story and helps you uncover the real person hidden beneath the pain, the person with dreams and aspirations. Then you can develop solutions that help you face the future with hope.


It takes a courageous person to face up to their fears and problems, and take action to resolve them so that they feel better. By reading this page, you've already shown your willingness to move one step closer to getting the support that can put you on track to a happier life.

Now take the next step. Come in for a chat. We'll sit down together and see how it feels for you. A good connection between you and the therapist is key in getting results.if you feel after our meeting that this is a good fit, then we'll define goals for our work together.

Go ahead and call my confidential number at (310) 859 5880 for an appointment. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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